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Dear Creator,

Sorry for the late letter - if you have already gotten started, I'm sure I'll love anything you've done.

Once Upon a Time:

For Swan Queen
  • Noncanon AU - either modern/magical, or an AU where Storybrooke didn't happen
  • Canonical Swan/Miller family of 2 badass moms
  • Or just something dealing with the magic lessons from last season
For Aurora/Mulan - anything where they get together, pre-Philip, or otherwise, but no infidelity, please! 

Teen Wolf:

Any combination of the ladies listed in my pairing tags, including threesomes. I enjoy the following tropes:
  • BAMF Lydia
  • Fake dating
  • awkward courtships
  • no-Hale-fire AU
  • full shift werewolves
  • Malia failing at being human
Sailor Moon:

Any combination of the ladies listed in my pairing tags, including threesomes. For this fandom, I like anything that explores how these girls are friends who kick ass together - fighting together, playing together, etc. A moon kingdom AU might be awesome!

Any combination of the ladies listed in my pairing tags, including threesomes. Here are a few prompts:
  • Thea and Sin becoming friends first, then more (following the Roy break-up)
  • Sara flirting with Felicity, and flirting with her, and flirting with her, until Felicity takes the next step
  • Nyssa and Sara getting a happy ending... somehow? 
  • Steampunk AU

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Art Dump

Jul. 27th, 2014 06:02 pm
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I've been doing some Sailor Moon fanart lately (hi nostalgia)...

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I went for genderswap for the challenge - nominally movie-verse, for the implied antagonism carried over from the trailer. Who doesn't love a love-hate relationship, right?

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So, a while ago, I signed up for [ profile] bandomreversebb...

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Jan. 7th, 2012 10:36 pm
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Recently, I read a fic by [personal profile] lotesse called Airy Cages Quelled. It was an AU of the fourth book in the Prydain series, Taran Wanderer, and it was basically the best thing ever. I've always loved that book (ymmv, but it's one of THE formative stories of my childhood), and in the fic, [personal profile] lotesse turns the story on its head, and tells it from the perspective of the canonically absent heroine, letting her do the rescuing in a way that's... well, I'm not sure why the original story didn't tell it that way to begin with.

So, then I felt like I had to draw a scene from it... )
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Yes, it's MOAR SAILORMOON. Together with [personal profile] reflectedeve, I am once more exploring the fandom of my youth (you could even say, the springtime of my youth, but... wrong fandom) - this time in a series of pieces based on some prompts we came up with.

The first prompt was to redraw/reinvent a page or panel from the manga...

Since both of us cut our artistic teeth drawing in this style, it was kind of amazing to see how our current styles compare against Naoko Takeuchi's work. )

More importantly, you should all go check out [personal profile] reflectedeve's fantastic reboot of one of the transformation sequences from the manga. I have never seen Sailor Moon look so utterly fierce before, it's pretty fabulous. She took one of the dreamiest, be-ribboned panels from the comic and made it BADASS. That is SKILL, right there.

...and stay tuned, I guess, we have two more prompts for this series!
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For [personal profile] reflectedeve, who requested some fanart of Sailor Neptune, with bonus Sailor Uranus.

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Today is part one of my epic process of relocating to a different coast AND celebrating the holidays. Just for perspective, part one by itself involves three planes, four airports, and a lot of hours I'll need to entertain myself.

So, now that I'm packed, I've downloaded 5 ebooks, and 2 bigbang fics to my ebook reader, and an audiobook and 2 podfics to my mp3 player. The rest of the space on my mp3 player is reserved for Danger Days, though, it is probably not restful holiday listening, ideal for coaxing me to sleep through the inevitable crying baby on the plane, but there you go. I hate holiday music anyway.
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When you're wandering through a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland, ray gun at your hip, leather jacket pulled close, and a mildly radioactive can of beans at the bottom of your pack, what do you want to listen to on your radio? Three Dog? Mr. New Vegas?


You want Dr. Death Defying, playing Mad Gear and Missile Kid's latest hits.

(What I'm saying is, we need to start making killjoys mods for Fallout: New Vegas.)
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So probably it's not the smartest thing ever to write fic on your phone, at dusk, while walking along the edge of a cliff, and I'm not necessarily admitting to doing it, but! If I had, the view is very inspiring, especially if you are trying to get into the mindset of a guy who spends his life at a metaphorical cliff's edge of danger and fabulous vistas.

Also, I will admit to taking pictures... )
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After over a year of making up crazy stuff about mounties and frosting and writing it down, [personal profile] jjtaylor and I have finally posted the fruits of our insane labor over at Bandom Big Bang: Only Going One Way, a Bandom x due South crossover.

All the good stuff is already in the master post, so I'm just going to ramble on under the cut about how it all went down.

It all started last April... )
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I am late on my Yuletide reveal, but I did write something:

Title: Support Your Local Vampire
Fandom: Tanya Huff's Blood and Smoke series
Recipient: [ profile] ladyofbrileith
Pairings: Henry/Mike, Henry/Vicki/Mike, Tony/Lee
Length: ~11,000 words
Warnings: slight violence, non-major character death, sex pollen

Summary: The problem with being woken up at 8 am on a Sunday morning to look at a naked dead guy was that Tony had to wait nearly ten hours before he could ask Henry about it.
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So, I got two Yuletide stories, which is AWESOME, both of which where set in the Tanya Huff Smoke series, which is fabulous, and very pleasing, since it's such a tiny fandom, really, and now there are two new stories for it! Technically all for me! <3 (I am trying not to let it go to my head.)

Summer Stretched the Rules by [ profile] kikibug13: Tony tells Lee about an encounter he, Amy, and Jack had with the youngest queen of the Winter Sidhe court.

This is an awesomely hilarious story in which the world is safe for justice because Tony has enough self control to not eat free, magic pie. If I were Tony... the world would not have been safe for justice. MAGIC PIE <3 Also, it has Jack, Amy, and Lee, my absolute favorite characters from the fandom.

Coitus Magicus by [ profile] kantayra: Being a wizard has some surprising side-effects in the bedroom.

So, I just COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. Seriously? Could not. Arra wasn't even IN this, but her crazy commentary on the magic laptop was just made of absolute win. "Penis. You have one. Try not to think with it all the time." Also, I loved that Lee was so worried. <3

Altogether, my first Yuletide was TOTALLY AWESOME. Extra plus thanks to the writers who gave me such cool stories.

ETA to add everyone's secret identities, post reveal.


Dec. 19th, 2009 01:58 pm
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I've taken a page from [ profile] jjtaylor and started a twitter feed to keep track of what I write every day. It's kind of an awesome idea because 1. it'll force me to acknowledge if I haven't written anything and 2. in having me pick out a sentence or two to post, it'll get me to look at my writing more closely to see what I've really accomplished.
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Dear Yuletide writer,

Beyond what I posted in my requests, anything goes. Also, you can ignore those pretty much entirely, really.

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Title: Jeeves and the Lovestruck Spirit
Rating: PG 13, maybe R?
Length: ~ 20K
Disclaimer: I do not own Jeeves
Notes: Beta by [ profile] jjtaylor, who stepped up and was awesome, even though Bertie Wooster is not her very favorite.

Summary: Usually the women who land Bertie in the soup are at least alive. This time, not so much.

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Part Two
Part Three

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