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After over a year of making up crazy stuff about mounties and frosting and writing it down, [personal profile] jjtaylor and I have finally posted the fruits of our insane labor over at Bandom Big Bang: Only Going One Way, a Bandom x due South crossover.

All the good stuff is already in the master post, so I'm just going to ramble on under the cut about how it all went down.

When JJ introduced me to bandom, and I introduced JJ to Due South (or lent her my DVDs, and spammed her with fic - same thing), inevitably, we started making comparisons...

Me: I was comparing Gerard in my head to Paul Gross
Me: you know, with the sort of severe multi-talentedness, and the geek factor
JJ: uh huh
Me: and then, you know, how they both probably look ok in girl's clothes?
JJ: they're already weirdly connected in my head
JJ: they're oddly similar
JJ: I think it's the smarts and the motts together

(And then, you know how it goes... you get a story idea. Your future writing partner is horrified...)

Me: now I want, like, a Due South spin off, where Gerard plays a mountie
JJ: oooooh
Me: omg, so, now I seriously want Due South: The Next Generation
JJ: I am not going to think about a My Chem Due South AU
Me: I'm sorry!
JJ: I'd never do any work again

(... and then promptly caves, and never gets any work done again. Sorry JJ!)

So, once JJ came around, we started plotting it out and planning. This went much smoother when we were on the same coast and saw each other everyday, but in the internet age, it really is possible to

We very scientifically split up the POVs, her tackling Frank, and me, Gerard, and then completely FAILED to make sure we were writing in the same tense - I am pretty sure it's gonna be a while before our poor beta, [personal profile] octette, forgives us for that one.

The best part of our collaboration, though, was also the hardest part, in that we both came at the story from completely different angles. I always wanted to talk about the plot

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