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So, it looks like the next Borderlands book finally has a new publishing date of Feb. 2, 2010. I'm a little worried though, because there's no mention of the book, or the AUTHOR on the publisher's website, and there's no cover art or anything. I mean, I guess it's still early? But after last year's last minute yank with no comments or explanations, I am full of the anxiety.

I love this series to an irrational degree - and I miss Rabbit and his crazy magical barbie hair, and his fainting spells.

Seriously, if it doesn't come out, I will cry, especially since the summary mentions, like, wacky hijinks with accidental engagements.

Also, I'm surprised there's no fic for this, considering how popular it is with the people who've read it, especially when you take into account how frustrating it was not to know if there would ever be a third or fourth book. Hmm...
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Hi, this is my journal.  It's very new and shiny.  Not dirty at all (yet.)   Anyway, nothing much here except my page, which totally distracted me from doing anything useful for a week now. 

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