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Yes, it's MOAR SAILORMOON. Together with [personal profile] reflectedeve, I am once more exploring the fandom of my youth (you could even say, the springtime of my youth, but... wrong fandom) - this time in a series of pieces based on some prompts we came up with.

The first prompt was to redraw/reinvent a page or panel from the manga...

I wanted to draw a scene of Rei and Minako together, and this is the scene I picked from the manga:

Just some platonic friends... clasping hands and... swaying into each other. As you do.

And this is my version:

The original has a magical quality I couldn't really capture, no matter how much swooshy, curling hair I drew, but I am pleased with it, even if I spent a good bit of time wrestling with learning Corel Painter to just get this far. (This will teach me not to lose my Photoshop installation CD... Painter does a phenomenal job of mimicking watercolors, but a pretty terrible job at... mimicking the Photoshop tools I know and love.) Also, somehow Minako ended up turned forward slightly?

My ultimate goal, really, was to make the picture even more suggestive - raise your hands if you've seen the live action and know why a girl might ship this pairing HARD.

ALSO - Minako is not wearing underwear. Those are bloomers - a standard (and horrifying) part of the gym uniform for young Japanese ladies. Or they were - does anyone know if they still have to wear these things? Anyway, thank you, [personal profile] jjtaylor, for indicating by example that I might need to explain that.

More importantly, you should all go check out [personal profile] reflectedeve's fantastic reboot of one of the transformation sequences from the manga. I have never seen Sailor Moon look so utterly fierce before, it's pretty fabulous. She took one of the dreamiest, be-ribboned panels from the comic and made it BADASS. That is SKILL, right there.

...and stay tuned, I guess, we have two more prompts for this series!
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