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For [personal profile] reflectedeve, who requested some fanart of Sailor Neptune, with bonus Sailor Uranus.

It's always fun when you can revisit an old fandom (and Sailor Moon is an old, old, OLD one) and it's even more fun when you have someone who can remember it with you. (By which I mean, have you SEEN this?)

And if you don't know who these characters are, let me assure you, they're basically pretty awesome. They're the first example I can remember encountering of an canonical lesbian couple. To see their relationship portrayed (in a children's cartoon!) as completely normal and beautiful had a pretty powerful effect on me at a young age. And it was interesting for me to think of how to draw them after so much time has passed.

Instead of going for art of the two in their usual outfits, I tried for a sort of retro-1930s feeling (which is also an attempt to explain the wallpaper) -- not sure if I succeeded in the look I was going for, but it was fun. Also, I think Jeeves-era!Sailor Moon could make a pretty fabulous story someday...
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