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So, I got two Yuletide stories, which is AWESOME, both of which where set in the Tanya Huff Smoke series, which is fabulous, and very pleasing, since it's such a tiny fandom, really, and now there are two new stories for it! Technically all for me! <3 (I am trying not to let it go to my head.)

Summer Stretched the Rules by [ profile] kikibug13: Tony tells Lee about an encounter he, Amy, and Jack had with the youngest queen of the Winter Sidhe court.

This is an awesomely hilarious story in which the world is safe for justice because Tony has enough self control to not eat free, magic pie. If I were Tony... the world would not have been safe for justice. MAGIC PIE <3 Also, it has Jack, Amy, and Lee, my absolute favorite characters from the fandom.

Coitus Magicus by [ profile] kantayra: Being a wizard has some surprising side-effects in the bedroom.

So, I just COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. Seriously? Could not. Arra wasn't even IN this, but her crazy commentary on the magic laptop was just made of absolute win. "Penis. You have one. Try not to think with it all the time." Also, I loved that Lee was so worried. <3

Altogether, my first Yuletide was TOTALLY AWESOME. Extra plus thanks to the writers who gave me such cool stories.

ETA to add everyone's secret identities, post reveal.
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