Jun. 30th, 2011

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Yes, it's MOAR SAILORMOON. Together with [personal profile] reflectedeve, I am once more exploring the fandom of my youth (you could even say, the springtime of my youth, but... wrong fandom) - this time in a series of pieces based on some prompts we came up with.

The first prompt was to redraw/reinvent a page or panel from the manga...

Since both of us cut our artistic teeth drawing in this style, it was kind of amazing to see how our current styles compare against Naoko Takeuchi's work. )

More importantly, you should all go check out [personal profile] reflectedeve's fantastic reboot of one of the transformation sequences from the manga. I have never seen Sailor Moon look so utterly fierce before, it's pretty fabulous. She took one of the dreamiest, be-ribboned panels from the comic and made it BADASS. That is SKILL, right there.

...and stay tuned, I guess, we have two more prompts for this series!

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